SAU Sales Alliance

The SAU Sales Alliance is designed to connect individuals in the Quad Cities community who are in roles that serve the primary purpose of revenue generation. We welcome individuals in B2B, B2C, Inside Sales, Group Sales or others who have an interest in improving their bottom line. If you are looking to share strategies and connect with other sales professionals in the Quad Cities then this is the perfect opportunity for you! This club will meet on Tuesday evenings once every 3 months, with our first session being held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 5pm. Future dates will be selected by the group. This event is designed to be fun and informational and we will be partnering with local breweries to host the meetings. Participants can expect to learn useful strategies that will make an immediate impact on your sales goals, engage with a support network of peers which will provide accountability to help you achieve your sales goals, and meet with like-minded individuals in an informal setting to develop long term relationships that will impact your career success.

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